Our third festive offering is ‘Ideas for Induction’ – a case study provided by the Business team based at Newark College…


Induction – Aurasma Scavenger Hunt – September 2016

What needed improving?

We are all well aware of how vital a successful course Induction is to both staff and students in ensuring essential information is provided and students feel confident that they are on the right course.  Historically however through student feedback, we felt that balance had been lost and that the emphasis had shifted from creating a good first impression for students and ensuring they felt excited and energised about their Business course to getting through the mountain of information they need to know!  We wanted to redress the balance this year and make Induction week an unforgettable experience for our students.  Our goal was to plan the week to ensure a fun as well as informative experience for learners.

Additionally, since a significant percentage of our learners are returning students progressing to the next level of study and thus know the campus and college requirements well – we didn’t want to simply just repeat activities/information they already knew.

Finally, following issues with groups who had remained in cliques formed in induction week last year, we wanted to foster more collaboration/progression amongst students across all courses/levels from the start.


What did we do?

We therefore decided that we would invite our L2 and L3 learners in to College for Induction at the same time and devised a plan for each day which provided more of a blend in presenting the most necessary information and lots of interaction/activities.  This gave our students the opportunity to work together practically from the start and forge friendships across all courses.  Important information was ‘signposted’ to students so they knew where it was and that it would be re-visited by Personal Tutors over the next few weeks.

Students worked together on a group Induction Assignment – a successful team marketing task/assignment for an ‘On the Go Cereal Bar’ to identify and develop good leadership/team-working/business skills. However, the highlight was an Aurasma Scavenger Hunt developed for our students to help them explore the campus in a more fun and informative way. We used our returning students as ‘Business Angels’ – 1 per group – so that they felt valued and could build on their previous experience of studying at Newark College.  Students competed to find various checkpoints on the Scavenger Hunt in the quickest time – find out information from staff related to that area that they would need to know in their year ahead – and also take a ‘group selfies’ at each checkpoint.

What was the impact?

The learners absolutely loved the Scavenger Hunt. They had lots of fun getting to know each other in a more informal way whilst still learning lots of vital and valuable information.  We asked them to ‘tweet’ us their feedback following both this and other activities asking how they felt following Induction week – and displayed it on their classroom wall.  Their comments were all very positive and encouraging – learners clearly felt that they were on the right course and that they had had a positive experience and were looking ahead to a successful year.  Three months on, we are still seeing the benefits of this as students have continued to collaborate and support each other across courses/levels.  Our  students see themselves as one large group of Business students regardless of course/level – so we don’t have any of the issues we had last year with cliques and competition. They feel pride in each other, in their course and in their achievements so far and are confident that they have the tools/information they need to continue to make good progress and succeed this year.


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