We have reached the midway point of the series and the focus today is on the successful use of an app named Quizlet in the school of Hair & Beauty at Newark College.


Quizlet is an app that can be used on mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers to test learner knowledge on a massive range of topics. All the content is user-generated and the library currently stands at over 140 million ‘study sets’. Just a simple search for the subject you teach will provide a list of resources your learners can use to brush up their knowledge, learn new terms and / or revise for an exam or test.


The app is free to download and use and available from both the Google Play Store and iTunes. There are many types of quiz that can be played from the app, including matching corresponding cards to their definitions, puzzle games and also the opportunity for tutors to set up live quizzes in the classroom.



The app is currently in wide usage across Hair and Beauty groups based at Newark and the learners in these classes are universally positive about it and the impact it has had on their learning. They reported the benefits as being:

  • Excellent revision tool when preparing for tests
  • Accessibility for ease of learning at home and while out and about
  • Particularly useful when in self-directed study
  • The range of material allows you to expand your knowledge from that gained in class
  • “You can find anything on it” – the scope of content and level of work is huge
  • Better retention of knowledge when using the app
  • Excellent tool for self-assessment and testing yourself
  • The sense of competition and self-improvement is strong motivation

Course tutor Lesley Elliott (lelliott@lincolncollege.ac.uk) is happy to answer any questions or provide advice on the use of Quizlet. From a tutor’s perspective the benefits are the improved quality of research projects, the boost to the learner’s ability for independent study and also the reduction in demands on tutor’s time in the classroom and requirement for resources.

As ever, if this is something of interest to you, have a go and let us know how you get on via the comments section on this blog or the Quality discussion on Workplace.




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