An excellent example of the effective use of Swivl in the classroom as pioneered by Gavin Knox. The video below illustrates this far better than words but see below for a brief intro to Swivl before you view Gav’s session.



Swivl is a video-based tool that allows tutors to film their classes and immediately upload them for future reference to a cloud-based library. The main uses of the system are:

  • Self-reflection
  • Learner Feedback
  • Presentations
  • Flipped Classroom
  • Examples of Best Practice

For more information see the website:

The college has 4 Swivl cameras and you can book them out by contacting our ELFs Pete Davis ( and Dani Fairweather (

Now over to Gavin…

This is a lesson I delivered to a teacher training group on using Digital Technology in the Classroom. It was captured using a Swivl (which was my first time so apologies for any dodgy camera work!). The video goes through how you can blend in different learning activities using simple digital technology tools (Padlet, Poll Anywhere, Quizizz, QR codes, Mentimeter, Blendspace, Adobe Spark, Twitter, YouTube, WordPress). Happy to come and deliver this to any groups that would be interested.

Gav Knox


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