The 11th day of AP-py Christmas allows our friendly eLFs to remind all teaching staff that they have a small suite of mobile technology in the form of 18 iPads and 5 Samsung Galaxy Android tablets available to loan for use in lessons.


We hear all the time about the benefits of using mobile tech for learning; that more technology needs to be embedded in lessons, but as with other posts this Christmas, it is of vital importance to consider what learning outcome you want to achieve from their use before randomly booking some because you are told that you should!

Using iPads for internet research is great, but in reality, most students can do this on their phones, or a PC in either the classroom or the library.

Why not try using the iPads to create some form of assessable work?  Perhaps students could feedback what they have learnt via a video?  Maybe they could submit a podcast, rather than a written piece?  They could use several online infographic tools as featured in Paul’s post on Day 5 to create posters or leaflets that are interactive or feature hyperlinks to other content, rather than a flat paper-based poster…new-ipadEach of these has the dual benefit of proving that your learners have understood the topic, but also have developed their digital fluency and problem solving skills as they try to find ways of achieving what you have asked.  (If you don’t feel confident enough to try this without support, the eLearning Facilitators are always happy to help with training and/or support in class).

Both Pete Goddard and Bob Bradford teaching on the BA Social Science have made use of the iPads for their students to produce podcasts about their research.  Though neither lecturer would profess to be particularly confident with the technology, both report that the learning experience was a very positive one! So if you want to start the New Year with some new technology, please feel free to get in touch!



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