Our series concludes with a quick, simple tip from Andy McGill. Have a fantastic Christmas and please keep blog contributions coming in the New Year!

Sometimes it is the simple pleasures in life that are the best!!

At the start of this academic year, I had the pleasure of sitting in on a GCSE maths class that was led by Sara Allsopp. During the slideshow, Sara had used some pictures that were not very clear and at the end of the lesson I asked Sara about the pictures and also if she had come across a lovely piece of software called ‘snippy’. Sara had never heard of it and it got me wondering how many more people in the college did not know about ‘snippy’???

It is located within your start menu, under all programs and then accessories (see below). The tool allows you to ‘snip’ anything on your screen, very quickly and very easily. Subsequently it can be copied and pasted into slideshows or handouts, etc.


Since discovering the ‘snipping tool’, Sara has found it extremely useful “…I use it all of the time now. The best bit about it, is just how simple it is to use. I have now pinned it to my taskbar so it is always close to hand to help out when needed.

Forget about the ‘clunky’, old school print screen method, this hidden gem will have you purring due to its simplicity!!


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