The name of an excellent book (we’re not on commission!) and also a useful self-assessment tool / refresher when considering our own practice. The initial prompts are simple enough:


The impact of considering your own practice can be significant, as other tutors have reported on such topics as:

‘Tight but Loose’

Meaning that teachers can embed the above principles into their sessions but in exactly the way that suits them, allowing teachers to express themselves as individuals but with a set of guiding principles.

‘Meaningful for All’

The principles apply to all subjects – so can have meaning and purpose across a college. Applying these principles in the classroom means that students are getting a consistent approach across their lessons e.g. high levels of challenge; probing questions; time to engage with deliberate practice and so on.

‘Less is More’

Just boiling our practice down to the above 6 core principles can allow us to focus solely on the enablers for great teaching. We can focus on what matters and work at refining the key elements that will lead to the most effective learning, teaching and assessment.

Have a look at the slideshow for more detail and let us know your thoughts via the comments section on Workplace.

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