A recent survey has brought something we all knew already to a much wider audience – educators work incredibly hard. The headlines from the research are:

  • 93% of respondents to the survey stated that workload in their institution was at least a fairly serious problem;
  • 52% cited workload as a very serious problem;
  • The average working hours in a week for all teachers was 54.4 hours

Teaching is a demanding profession both physically and emotionally and it is vitally important for our own health and well-being that we do everything we can to manage our workload. Consider the image below and click this link for a bigger version:



Please take the time to consider where you sit in relation to the ‘do’ and ‘don’t’ column. A period of self-analysis and risk assessment on workload could go a long way towards getting the balance right. Maybe use this as the ‘hot topic’ in your staff room or at your next team meeting. Working collaboratively and focusing on solutions is the most powerful way to engage with emotive issues like workload. Can you share any examples of good practice from your areas?

Have a look also at the following article on how one school has proactively engaged with the topic of teacher workload:


What are your thoughts on techniques such as collaborative planning, area specific feedback policies and research-based teaching? Can you share any examples of success in these areas from your own practice?

We look forward to hearing from you via the comments section of Workplace as ever.


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