Our final entry is a bit different from all the others, a collection of the festive events that have been taking place across the campus these past two weeks. The common denominator is that these are learner activities, most of them planned and delivered by learners and often designed in order to make a contribution to the wider community.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this series as much as we have relished putting it together. So much awesome stuff goes on around our campuses on a daily basis and these entries have been just a snapshot. Have a lovely Christmas, a restful break and here’s to more successes in the New Year! – The AP Team

Day Twelve – Merry Christmas!

Lincoln Christmas Market

Performing Arts students performing in the cathedral:


Lincoln Art students running a very successful pop-up shop:



Newark Christmas Market

Newark Art learners selling their wares to raise money for the Children’s Bereavement Centre:



Business students also had a stall, raising money for a masquerade ball in honour of Lewis Harrison Hopewell:



Fiddle Race

Where 6 teams of students compete to build a working violin in just three days. This year’s theme is “Arts Movements”:



Christmas Jumper Day

Our very own personalised video in celebration of our fundraising efforts for Christmas Jumper Day:


Newark College Musical Performance


And Finally…

The Lincoln Foundations Skills for Working in Creative Arts students filmed this for us just before going on stage to perform their Christmas panto.

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